Wheatpaste Postering

Print Posters Out: The artwork is avalaible here. Option one: use regular 8.5"x11" paper and a color inkjet printer. Option two: take one of our psd files to a local print shop and have some larger 18"x24" posters done up. Get the posters printed on the thinnest paper possible. A matte finish is best for wheatpasting.

Make Wheatpaste Glue: You can make glue in a pot on your stovetop.

...or the easy route: wallpaper glue.

Go on a Mission: Take a big paint brush or roller, along with squirt bottle or 1.5 gallon plastic trash can nested in a messanger or book bag. Paint glue on the surface you want to stick the poster to, slap the poster into the glue, smooth the paper out, and then follow up with a final coat of glue over the top of the paper. Work quickly, without looking overly suspicious — teams of 2-3 people are optimal. Pick targets wisely: high visibility can be good but risky, near other posters may be safer and less likely to be torn down, think about who owns/maintains the space you're pasting.

Useful Disclaimer: Don't do illegal stuff. We're not responsible for your fuck ups.


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